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    The Antenna Source offers 1992-1993 Mercedes Benz 300SL Antenna Parts, 1248201675 Power Antenna, 1408270001 Antenna Mast, 12982702987C45, 1298270387C45 Bezel.   You as a Customer can order your Mercedes Benz 300SL Antenna Mast directly from us by skipping the middle man and high retail prices at your Mercedes Benz Dealer - receiving an average savings of hundreds of dollars on a Mercedes Benz 300SL Antenna Mast Parts order! That means you can place your 300SL Antenna Mast order anytime, right here online 24 Hr a day.  Direct your 300SL Antenna Mast questions to our Customer Service specialists, as we don't just sell 300SL antennas, WE SERVICE & INSTALL THEM !!!!   We Are Antennas. 

We Rebuild These Hirschmann Power Units, Call for a Quote

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300SL Antenna Parts
All Antennas on this Page will FIT The Following Models:

300SL      All Models        1992-1993

FREE Shipping to Any Where in the USA

Mercedes Antenna Diagram

Your Mercedes 300SL Antenna Options Below

1 - Power Antenna Mast
      & Cable

        Click For Details

1408270001 Photo 

1A - Power Antenna Converter

        Click For Details

        Car Wash Proof

SL500 Converter 

2 - Power Antenna Seal
     Upper & Lower

        Click For Details

3 - Complete Power
     Antenna Kit
        Click For Details


4 - Power Antenna Gear Set
        Click For Details

5 - Power Antenna Drive Belt
        Click For Details



  ( 1 ) ... 300SL Power Antenna Mast & Cable

1408270001 Photo 

    This is a "BRAND NEW" Power Antenna Mast and Cable for your Original Hirschmann Factory Power Unit.  This stainless steel Mast is the version that has the Black Round Cylindrical Tip, as the photo shows.  Mercedes used this style mast on this model car which had a Cell Phone Ability. This mast is warranted for 1 year. 

Buy it Now
Power Antenna
Mast & Cable

$18.50 Free Shipping in the USA


  ( 1A ) ... 300SL Power Antenna Converter


SL500 Converter Kit


    This is a "BRAND NEW" VERY HIGH Quality, **Patented** Power Antenna Converter. This part will replace your power antenna mast and will covert your power antenna into a Fixed antenna, all with out removing your power antenna from your vehicle.  The 300SL is flawed with a factory power antenna mast that the cable that moves the mast breaks easy.  By removing the factory mast and installing this converter you now have a Fixed antenna.  This kit consists of our German Engineered 6.75 inch mast, which has proven to be an awesome mast for reception. 

   To install all you do is remove the power antenna mast, install this converter in its place, tighten the nut and screw on the 6.75" mast and your done.  Truly no more than a 5 minute job with a 3 minute coffee break, its that easy. 

Note: .. For Instructions on how to Install this kit, Click Here for them.
Note: .. For Longer Antenna Mast Options For this kit, Click Here for them.


Buy it Now
300SL Power Antenna

$63.50  Free Shipping in the USA

Patent  #10,573,960



  ( 2 ) ... 300SL Power Antenna Seal

123 827 02 98 7C45 Photo   

    This is a "BRAND NEW" Power Antenna Seal.  This model car came with a upper and lower section of that seal. This Kit consists of both as the photo shows.

Buy it Now
Power Antenna Seal Kit

$18.50  Free Shipping in the USA


  ( 3 ) ... 300SL Complete Power Antenna Kit 


    There are 3 choices here for a Complete Antenna for your Mercedes. Choose Option 1, 2, or 3.

1. This is a "BRAND NEW" Power Antenna Kit we have for your Mercedes.  It consists of a direct mount Factory Seal, both the upper and lower, specific for your car.  The Power unit snaps directly into that new seal just like the factory unit did , thus retaining the factory look from the outside of your car.  The reception wire is plug and play.  This unit comes with a all stainless steel mast.  This unit will also come with the needed supply's to connect it to your wiring harness without cutting any wires.  This is our least expensive unit for those who want to replace your power unit at a affordable price.  This unit comes with a 1 year warranty.  Installation Instructions will be provided as well. ( Photo of Kit Above )

2. This is a "REBUILT" Factory Mercedes Power Unit ( Genuine Hirschmann ).  This is a genuine factory unit that our expert rebuilders have done.  It will come with a new mast, new main gears, which are flawed in the original units, and belt and roller pin if needed.  This kit comes with a 1 year warranty.  The price includes a $100.00 core charge for a returned genuine factory power unit core.

3. Send us your power unit and we will rebuild yours as per your specifications.  Call us for a quote, .. 920-686-0644


1.  Buy it Now
NEW Complete
Power Antenna Kit

$78.50 Free Shipping in the USA

2.  Buy it Now
REBUILT Genuine Factory
Power Antenna

$300.00 Free Shipping in the USA

  Out Of Stock

Above price includes a $100.00 refundable core charge for a returned core. The core must be a Genuine Hirschmann unit.


  ( 4 ) ... 300SL Power Antenna Gear Set

     This is a "BRAND NEW" Power Antenna Gear Set. This gear set consists of both center gears as shown above.  The center tab breaks quite easily on these from the factory.  Our gear set is an update set that is stronger that the Genuine Hirschmann units.  Hirschmann no longer makes these.

Buy it Now
Power Antenna
Gear Set

$23.50 Free Shipping in the USA



  ( 5 ) ... 300SL Power Antenna Belt


     This is a "BRAND NEW" Power Antenna Belt for your Factory Power Unit.

Buy it Now
Power Antenna
Drive Belt

$18.50 Free Shipping in the USA





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