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     The Antenna Source offers, Lexus LX 450 Power Antenna Mast Parts, 86337-60080 mast, 86396-89102 nut, 86300-60080 power antenna, 86392-60070 bezel.   You as a Customer can order your Lexus LX 450 Antenna Mast directly from us by skipping the middle man and high retail prices at your Lexus LX 450 Dealer - receiving an average savings of hundreds of dollars on a Lexus LX 450 Antenna Mast Parts order! That means you can place your LX 450 Antenna Mast order anytime, right here online 24 Hr a day.  Direct your LX 450 Antenna Mast questions to our Customer Service specialists, as we don't just sell LX 450 antennas, WE SERVICE & INSTALL THEM !!!!   We Are Antennas.

Order Line ..... 920-686-0644

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 LX 450 Antenna Parts
All Antennas on this Page will FIT The Following Models:

LX 450          All Models        1996-1997

FREE Shipping to Any Where in the USA

Lexus LX 470 Antenna Diagram 

Your LX 450 Antenna Options

1 - Power Antenna Mast

        Click For Details


86337 60080 Photo 

1A - Power Antenna Converter
        Click For Details


2 - Power Antenna Nut

        Click For Details



3 - Power Antenna Bezel

        Click For Details



4 - Power Antenna Complete

        Click For Details






  ( 1 ) ... LX 450 Factory Power Antenna Mast


86337-60080 Photo


    This is a "BRAND NEW" VERY HIGH Quality Stainless Replacement Power Antenna Mast.  This OEM stainless mast is 100% Identical to the mast you would get if you purchased one from a Lexus Dealer.  When Real Fit and Finish is what you are looking for, this is your mast.  

Note: .. This mast will come with written instructions, Click Here for them.

Buy it Now
LX 450 Power Antenna

$38.50  Free Shipping in the USA



  ( 1A ) ... LX450 Factory Power Antenna Converter Kit




   This is a "BRAND NEW" VERY HIGH Quality, **Patented** Power Antenna Converter. This part will replace your power antenna mast and will covert your power antenna into a manual antenna, all with out removing your power antenna from your vehicle.  The LX 450 is flawed with a factory power antenna mast that the cable that moves the mast breaks easy.  By removing the factory mast and installing this converter you now have a manual antenna.  This kit consists of our German Engineered 6.75 inch mast, which has proven to be an awesome mast for reception. 

   To install all you do is remove the power antenna mast, install this converter in its place, tighten the nut and screw on the 6.75" mast and your done.  Truly no more than a 5 minute job with a 3 minute coffee break, its that easy. 

Note: .. For Instructions on how to Install this kit, Click Here for them.

Buy it Now
LX450 Power Antenna
Converter Kit

$62.50  Free Shipping in the USA

Patent  #10,573,960


  ( 2 ) ... LX 450 Power Antenna Nut

86396-89102 Photo

    This is a "BRAND NEW" Power Antenna Nut for your Factory Power Antenna.


Buy it Now
LX 450 Power Antenna

$10.50 Free Shipping in the USA


  ( 3 ) ... LX 450 Power Antenna Bezel   


This is a Replacement Power Antenna Bezel for the Factory Power antenna. 


Buy it Now
LX 450 Power Antenna Bezel

$14.99  Free Shipping in the USA

Out of Stock



  ( 4 ) ... LX 450 Power Antenna 

This is a Replacement Power Antenna. 

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LX 450 Power Antenna

Not Available




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