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Hyundai Sonata
Power Antenna Mast Instructions


    Before installing your new mast, compare the old mast with the new one. They need to be identical in every way.  If they are different, you may have an after market power unit.  Also it is very important that you NEVER cut the white cable on the new mast at any time.


    Removing the Mast:

    1.     Remove the power unit from your car, yet before you do make sure the radio is off so that the power antenna thinks the mast is all the way down, this is so when you install the new mast that the geared drum is where it belongs when you install the mast.  After the unit has been removed take the power unit to a bench and remove the four (4) Phillips screws and the 7mm nut from the drum cover.


    2.    Next remove the drum cover.


    3.    Now remove the washer on the center shaft.

    4.    Now pull the center drum up and out and carefully remove the flat cable with the ball from the black retainer that inside the drum.


    5.    Now loosen the chrome nut at the tip of the antenna tube and remove the old antenna from the power unit.

      Installing the Mast:

    6.    Compare the old mast with the new one,  the length of the white flat cable MUST be the same length of the one you took out of your power unit ( DO NOT CUT THE NEW MAST CABLE ) .... Now insert the new mast cable into the power antenna tube and tighten the chrome nut...  The round plastic washer sits down into the bottom of the tube if you wonder about it.

    7.    Now connect the ball at the end of the flat mast cable to the black bracket that slides inside of the drum. Gently slide the black ring into the drum.


    8.    Now wind that cable up inside of that drum as tight as you can and holding that cable inside the drum,  slide the white drum back on the center shaft and push it back down in where it belongs into the black antenna motor housing.


    9. Now put the thrust washer back on the shaft and put the cover back on tighten the four screws and the 7mm nut... Take the power unit  and reinstall the complete unit into your car. Turn the radio on and off a few times as this will center the new antenna mast. then, "Voila!   The mast is installed."



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